Sheep Johne's Testing

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Sheep Submission Form

Johne’s disease is a chronic, debilitating enteritis of ruminants caused by infection with Mycobacterium paratuberculosis (MAP). During the active stage of the infection and prior to onset of clinical disease, animals generally develop antibodies to M. paratuberculosis antigens. Uninfected animals lack specific antibodies to M. paratuberculosis.  Our ELISA test PARACHEK 2 detects antibodies to M. paratuberculosis in serum, plasma, and milk in cattle. PARACHEK 2 is highly specific (>99%), and sensitivity is approximately 41%. A positive result indicates the animal is likely to be infected with M. paratuberculosis and that there are potentially other infected animals in the herd.

Submitting samples for Johne's testing is easy.  Just mail or drop-off 2 mL of blood or 1 mL of serum to us along with your submission form and payment.  Please collect blood in red or tiger (grey and red) topped blood collection tubes. Check out our store; for the proper collection supplies.

The PARACHEK Johne's test is ran every Thursday with results reporting Friday. Please download the submission form if you are interested in fast, accurate Johne's testing.  The price is just $5.00 per sample.