Pregnancy Testing

We will be closed Wednesday the 29th through the following Monday. We will still be receiving and accepting samples. If you want your samples to be tested before the end of the month make sure you get your samples here on or before Saturday the 25th. We will still be testing on Monday and Tuesday (May 27th and 28th.0

We offer BioPRYN's blood-based pregnancy testing in for a variety of animals including; cattle, goats, sheep, bison, yak, buffalo, elk, deer, moose, caribou and African antelope.  This test offers a safe, accurate, and easy alternative for confirming pregnancy. BioPRYN measures the presence of Pregnancy-Specific Protein B (PSPB), a protein only produced by the placenta of a growing fetus, in the blood circulation of the animal.

The BioPRYN test can identify pregnant animals early in gestation, but the timing is dependent on species.  BioPRYN for cattle is good just 25 days after insemination in virgin heifers and 28 days in cows.  Cows must also have calved at least 73 days prior to testing.  BioPRYN for goats and sheep is good at 30 days post insemination.  BioPRYN for bison, yak and buffalo can be used after 40 days.  BioPRYN wild for wildlife including elk, deer, moose, caribou and African antelope can also be used after 40 days of pregnancy. 

Submitting samples for pregnancy testing is easy.  Just mail or drop-off 2 mL of whole blood or 1 mL of serum to us along with your submission form and payment.  Please collect blood in red or tiger (grey and red) topped blood collection tubes. Check out our store if you need to purchase the proper collection supplies.

BioPRYN tests for cattle, goats, sheep, bison, yak, and buffalo are run every Tuesday with results reporting Wednesday. Call us to find out the BioPRYN wild schedule which changes throughout the season.  Please download the submission form if you are interested in fast, accurate pregnacy testing.

Price is dependent on species.  Cattle pregnancy testing is $3.00 per sample.  Goats and sheep cost $6.00 per sample.  Bison, yak, and buffalo are $5.00 per sample.  And BioPRYN wild samples are $20.00 per sample.   Submission forms can be found below

Cattle Submission Form

Goat Submission Form

Sheep Submission Form

Bison, Yak & Buffalo Submission Form

BioPRYN Wild Submission Form