Can I pay with a debit/credit card?
Yes, to pay with a card you must use our web store. You must go all the way through the purchasing process. On the final page there is a prompt to log in to PayPal. Below the login is a grey button that says 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card'. Choose this option and enter your card information.

How much blood is required? Should I send multiples samples if multiple tests are being done?
Please try to fill your blood collection tubes, with at least 2 mL of blood or 1 mL of serum. One blood sample should be enough to run all the tests we offer.

What days are tests run?
All tests are ran once per week. Pregnancy and CAE are ran on Tuesday, CL on Wednesday, Johne's and BLV on Thursday.

How long until results are returned?
It can take as many as 9 days for testing to be completed and results to be emailed. All testing must be completed before results are released.

Should I ship my samples with an ice pack?
Depends. If you are shipping samples for pregnancy only, samples do not need to be kept cool. However, if you are sending samples for any disease testing we recommend sending with an ice pack and shipping fast enough that samples arrive still cold.

Who should I use for shipping?
We accept packages from all shippers. UPS and FedEx are the most reliable delivery services. If you choose to use USPS please choose a guaranteed option. First Class and Priority Mail do not come with guaranteed delivery dates and are frequently delayed.

Do you accept packages on Saturday?
Although we are closed on Saturdays we do accept deliveries. Unfortunately Saturday delivery is only available with USPS. FedEx and UPS do not offer Saturday delivery to our rural location.

Which day should I ship samples?
Any day for shipping is fine. Samples are put into the testing lineup the day after arrival. If all testing is not completed in the first week samples are stored appropriately over the weekend to finish testing the following week.